jaew - disembodiment songs

released June 30, 2023

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if i had to put one of my albums on my resume, this'd be it. i went into it just trying to do anything and everything, incorporating every sound that's shaped me into the person i am.

mixes the bedroom sentimentality of lo-fi, intricate idm glitches, post-rock sprawl, folky acoustics, plunderphonic sampling, classical flashes, driving house beats, wonky post-Dilla grooves, and everything else.

incredibly personal, and lightly queer-coded. the Gender-Oriented Mental Breakdown i also mentioned on the page for "sunk deeper, found nothing" was crucial to this release. it came out just before one of the lowest points of that chunk of time. the title "disembodiment songs" had been around for a while - it actually began life as an EP called DISEMBODIED - but as the album took shape, the title became a clear reference to gender dysphoria. disconnection between the mind and body, y'know?

going back now i have honestly no idea how i pulled off some of these textures. the whole thing just surrounds and envelops you. you have to be very present to digest this album, i feel.