elm maxell - sun fangs, vol. 1

released February 6, 2022.


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the debut for the Elm Maxell project.

pretty eclectic, touching upon as many beat styles as possible. the concept going in was to break out of the sonic mold that i got myself stuck in with the Fin releases, as well as getting back to sampling MP3s and YouTube instead of records.

it's kind of a strange one. the idea of an album having a mix of uptempo bboy boom bap, depressing laptop lofi beats, backpacker art rap, and of course Benny Troung rapping about getting his dick sucked and being sharted on sounds horrifc on paper, but somehow i think it works.

i still think the back half of the album is really emotionally resonant, but unfortunately it's kinda hard for me to return to this one cause the mix is so jank. maybe i'll george lucas it someday. Benny Troung is the key to all of this; he's a funnier rapper than i've ever had