elm maxell - stone soup

(beats, lofi, boom bap, plunderphonics)

elm maxell - gutterscum

(beats, nofi, glitch, plunderphonics, etc)

elm maxell - mudamuramuri

(beats, nofi, drumless, boom bap)

jaew - sunk deeper, found nothing

(ambient, IDM, glitch, collage)

elm maxell - the common clay of the midwest e.p.

(beats, lofi, ambient, folktronica)

elm maxell - postscript plainspeak

(beats, lofi, lobass)

elm maxell - shut-in's handiwork

(beats, downtempo, midfi, dusty)

jaew - disembodiment songs

(everything, idm, hifi, ambient, folk, beats, lush)

elm maxell - qualia

(beats, nofi, glitch, experimental, noisy)

Kaepora Gaebora - Shockwave

(house, funky, plunderphonics)

elm maxell - hermit

(beats, nofi, experimental, dusty, liminal)

elm maxell - mottainai

(beats, glitch, muggy, swampy, plunderphonics)

elm maxell - ghost in the buffers

(beats, trap, cloud rap, idm)

elm maxell - sun fangs, vol. 1

(beats, midfi, trip hop, boom bap, rap)

Fin - Summer's Passing

(beats, lofi, ambient, trip hop)

Kaepora Gaebora - Meridian EP

(house, glitch, mnml, micro)

Fin - waste beats

(beats, nofi, boom bap)

Onyx Omit - idora e.p.

(idm, indie, laptop)

Fin - Näherin

(beats, trip hop)

Fin - Substance for the Shadow

(beats, trip hop)

fiji - magpies

(beats, folk, lofi, acoustic)

Kaepora Gaebora - Lilac EP

(indietronic, laptop, chiptune, cutesy)

Kaepora Gaebora - Sunspots EP

(house, deep)

Fin - save shrine

(beats, lofi, chillhop)

Kaepora Gaebora - Clairvoyance EP

(house, deep, lofi)

Fin - The Woodcutter

(beats, trip hop)

Onyx Omit - Seams


Fin - maze beats

(beats, trip hop, lofi, boom bap)

Fin - december beats

(beats, lofi, boom bap)

Fin - Berkeley

(beats, boom bap)

oh yeah, for the nerds...

all the downloads hosted here are 320kbps MP3s for bandwidth reasons. if you need a FLAC or WAV just get in touch.